Manufactures of Industrial Food Processing Equipment

Designs, builds and services industrial food processing machinery, working especially in coating, frying, cooking and cutting machinery. We reduce labor and imporve both the efficiency and accuracy of machines. Omar Associates has machinery operating throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Europe and the Philippines.

The owners and employees of Omar Associates are experienced engineers and craftsmen dedicated to industrial food production. We custom design and manufacture each machine to meet specific requirements. Our engineers and craftsmen will design and build applicators, fryers, belt grills, conveyors, grill markers, and filters to meet a variety of applications. Replacement systems and components are also available to upgrade performance of other brands of machinery as well.

Whether it’s full processing lines or individual machines, Omar Associates provides the highest quality in their food processing machinery and support systems. Omar is more than just a name: it’s our location, our heritage, and our work ethic. We live in and around Omar, Ohio, but we serve the world’s food industries. At Omar Associates, we offer dedicated customer service, sharing a customer’s sense of urgency. To this end, we are available 24/7, for your industrial food machinery needs.


At Omar Associates, all of our machinery is designed using 3-dimensional modeling software, which maximizes accuracy and minimizes lead time. All of our designs (both customized and standard) are produced and documented efficiently and completely.

Process Evaluation

Omar Associates uses highly experienced food processing personnel to provide consulting which increases production capacity, yield, and efficiency. They fine-tune lines so that they are being used to full potential.

Standard Machinery Features

All Omar Associates designs follow USDA design recommendations to ensure food safety. Our world-class craftsmanship comes with a two-year Gold Standard warranty. Our machinery also has easy cleaning and minimal maintenance requirements, while keeping its superior in-plant appearance.


The markets we serve include beef, pork, poultry, chicken, seafood, fish, fruit, vegetables, pet food and baked goods.

Machinery and Systems

Machinery we build and service include sear-markers, belt grills, exhaust scrubbers, batter and breading machines, applicators, conveyors, fryers, filters and ovens. Support systems we use include thermal fluid, gas burners, fryers and exhaust scrubbers.

Some Of Our Clients