Hot Oil Filtration For Food Production Systems

Cooking oil management is critical to successful fry line operation. Cooking oil is generally filtered by using traditional mechanical belt separation, replaceable filter elements, or centrifugal methods. Proper filtration contributes to oil life. Proper filtration will lower or maintain free fatty acids levels, improve color, and extend product shelf life.

Omar Associates filters are efficient and effective. Simple large crumb can be filtered using traditional belt filtration technology, but smaller flour-based coatings require more sophisticated systems such as centrifugal and press-style filters. Omar Associates has developed and tested each of these technologies extensively, ensuring that the correct method will be applied to the system.

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Hydraulic Power Units For Production Systems

Remote pumps or individual units supply hydraulic power to breading machines, fryers, ovens, conveyors and any other hydraulic loads. Glycol systems and maintenance are familiar to Omar Associates engineers and technicians. Contact Omar Associates for individual pumps or system repairs.

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